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Okay, for that anon: I'm normal weight/BMI, I have almost no muscle (yeah yeah, I'm in bad shape) and on top of that I'm pear shaped with big thighs... and I have a thigh gap, because I have wide hips. So yeah, it is possible. Of course you shouldn't try to achieve something that goes against your body type, so it *can* be an unhealthy goal eg. if you have narrow hips, but it's not inherently bad.


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You do realise having a thigh gap is unhealthy.

Not always. It comes down to the shape of your hips. If you have naturally wide hips and naturally have a thigh gal at a healthy weight, then it is fine. If you have narrow hips and do not naturally have a thigh gap, and start losing muscle and fat to achieve one, then it is unhealthy. It just depends.

damnpanicstation asked:

Hi c: I'd like to know what exercise usually you do. I like so much your blog. Kisses n' hugs ^^ Love your positivism.

I actually hula hoop a lot. It’s cardio, plus it tones the abs and butt at the same time :3 then I usually do arm circles and things where I repeatedly touch my neck and stretch my arms back out (keeping my arms up), then I will sometimes jump rope and I make sure to keep up with my squats :) xx